Digital Signatures

Xodo PDF Studio supports both adding a digital signature field to a PDF or applying digital signatures to existing fields. Digital Signatures are a way of authenticating the contents of a document. A document with a valid signature is guaranteed not to have been changed since being signed.

Create Digital Signature Fields: Create new unsigned digital signature fields

Modify Digital Signature Fields: Modify existing field including clearing, moving, and properties

Apply Digital Signatures: How to apply digital signatures to a document

Create Self-Signed Digital IDs: Creating digital IDs within Xodo PDF Studio to be used when signing documents

Import Digital IDs: Importing an existing or third-party digital ID to be used when signing documents

Digital Signature Options: Options available when digitally signing a PDF

Digital Signature Appearance: Appearance settings when applying a digital signature

Validate Digital Signatures: How to validate a digital signature

Trust Digital Signatures: How to add a digital signature to your trusted certificates

Manage Trusted Certificates: Manage the trusted certificate options

Manage Digital IDs: Create, edit, and remove digital IDs

Manage Timestamp Servers: Manage the timestamp servers that are used when digitally signing PDFs


Displaying the Signatures Pane

The layers pane is located on the left of the Xodo PDF Studio window. If not displayed the pane can be opened using the Signatures button on the left side of the screen.