Digital IDs Preferences

The Digital IDs Preferences section contains all of the digital ID settings for Xodo PDF Studio.

To open the Digital IDs Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to File Tab > Preferences
    2. Select Digital IDs from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


System IDs - Displays a list of digital IDs currently installed on the system

Enable signing with System Digital IDs: Choose whether or not to allow signing documents with system digital IDs.

My Digital IDs - Allows you to Manage Digital IDs used when signing documents.

Password - A digital ID may be protected with a complex password. Xodo PDF Studio can save this password and protect it with your own password. When signing documents, Xodo PDF Studio will prompt you for your own password. This makes it easier to sign documents without having to remember the complex passwords.

Linux Only

Other PKCS11 IDs (USB, Tokens, HSM, CAC) - Allows you to manage Smartcard / USB tokens that store certificate private keys required to apply digital signatures on a document. Configuration file is required - see Digitally Signing PDFs with smartcard USB token for more information.

Browse - use the file browser to navigate to and select your configuration file to use

Remove - clears the currently stored configuration file