Create Multiple Form Field Copies

Sometimes when creating a form you may need multiple copies of the same field created on a single page. The Create Multiple Copies tool allows you to create replicas of the same field that are even spaced based on a specified number of rows and columns. This for example can be useful when creating multi-row forms such as an invoice or order form. 



How to create multiple form field copies

  1. Start the Form Editing Mode by going to the Forms Tab
  2. Click on the Form Field Type you wish to create. The cursor will then change to show the field type currently selected
  3. Using the mouse move to the location you want to place the field and then click to place the field
  4. Apply any settings you want to use on the field BEFORE the next step
  5. Right Click on the field and select Create Multiple Copies...
  6. Set the preferred options 
  7. Click OK to finish creating the new fields



Number of fields across - sets the number of duplicate fields to create horizontally

Number of fields down - sets the number of duplicate fields to create vertically

Distance between fields - set the distance between the duplicated fields

  • Horizontal Spacing: spacing between the horizontal rows
  • Vertical Spacing: spacing between the vertical rows

Dimension of full Grid - sets the overall size of the entire grid of fields

  • Grid width: width of the grid from the left side of the first field and the right side of the last field
  • Grid height: height of the grid from the top of the upper most field and the bottom of the lowest field

Units - Units to use when calculating the position of the fields. This can be inches, centimeters, millimeters, or points. Points are calculated in the PDF standard, 72 points per inch.

Position - sets the position of the field copies based on the top left corner of the original field

  • X: the "X" location of the top left corner of the original field
  • Y: the "Y" location of the top left corner of the original field

Use same names/link fields - when checked all created fields will be set to the same name to link them together. See Linking Form Fields for more information.