Creating Headers and Footers

Xodo PDF Studio can add custom headers and footers on a PDF. This can be used to add page numbers to a document or add a custom label to pages within the document.

How to Create and Apply Headers and Footers

  1. Open the document that you would like to add a header and/or footer to
    • Note: This is not a required step if you only wish to create a watermark profile without applying it immediately.
  2. Go to the Pages Tab > Header & Footer > Add on the toolbar
  3. Fill in the desired Header and Footer Options. A name for a Header and Footer Profile can also be set during this step to save the settings to be reused later.
    • Note: You do not need to create or save a header and footer profile before applying them to a document. To save the current header and footer configuration, click on the Save button and enter a name.
  4. To apply the headers and/or footers to the document, click on Apply