Create Document Level Tag

Document level tags are embedded meta data not associated with any content on the page. These types of tags are use to help provide additional organization to the tags tree structure in the PDF.

It is highly recommended that a document is tagged by the authoring application when converted to PDF. The original authoring application will be more fully able to interpret the document elements during conversion to properly apply the tags  in a logical structure within the document.

However, if the original document or authoring application is unavailable Xodo PDF Studio can be used to manually create document level tags within the document. To do so follow the steps below:

How to Create Document Level Tags

  1. Access the Tags pane by clicking the Tags button on the left side of Xodo PDF Studio
  2. Click on the Create New Tag button
  3. Set the Tag Type and Title
  4. Click OK to apply the changes and the new tag will now be shown in the Tags Panel
  5. Once added you can Edit the tags to better organize the tree structure

Content Tag Options

Type - Select the type of content being tagged from the drop down. See Standard PDF Tag Types for a description of each

Title - The title for the element being tagged. This is an additional label to further identify the type of tag