Convert PDF to HTML5/SVG

Xodo PDF Studio allows you  to convert PDF documents to an HTML5 web page. This makes it possible to easily publish the content of PDF document onto any website, as HTML5 is supported by all browsers, without the need of a viewer plug-in. The PDF to HTML5 conversion engine in Xodo PDF Studio preserves fonts and uses the SVG format to preserve vector graphics. Sample PDF documents that have been converted to HTML5 can be found HERE.


How to Convert a PDF to HTML 5

  1. Open the PDF Document you wish to convert
  2. Go to the File Tab > Convert To > HTML5/SVG
  3. Choose a file name and location to save the document
  4. Click Save to create the document

Once the conversion is complete you can use the created HTML5 document in any application that supports HTML5 to view the document.

HTML5 Conversion Options

The options in the are as follows:

Destination Folder – You can type the destination manually or click on the "..." button to open a directory chooser to set the destination folder

Remember Folder - When checked the selected folder will be remembered for the next time pages are exported as images

File Name Pattern – Enter the desired pattern for the output file names.

Note: Current page number and file extension will be appended to the pattern to create the final file name.

Convert to - Select the output type

  • Single HTML per document: creates a single HTML file for each document being processed
  • Single SVG per document : creates a single SVG file for each document being processed
  • Separate SVG per page: creates individual SVG files for each page of each document being processed

Pages -  The range of pages to be exported as images

  • All Pages: all pages in the document
  • Page Range: set the pages to be exported using the From and To options
  • Even Pages Only: only export the even pages of the document
  • Odd Pages Only: only export the odd pages of the document

Show Page Border - When checked ads a 1px border to the created pages. This makes it easier to distinguish the page are on white documents

Compress Images - When checked will compress images found in the PDF to JPEG in order to reduce the size of the output

JPG Quality – Select the desired quality of JPG compression. Based on the quality parameter. Some guidelines for the quality value: 8 high quality, 5 medium quality, 2 low quality.

  • 0 – very high compression, very low quality
  • 10 – low compression, very high quality