PDF Content

The PDF Content tools allow you to edit existing content or add new content to a PDF. Content can be moved, edited or deleted as needed.  

Note: Annotations are not a part of the PDF content as they are considered "interactive objects" and so these can not be edited by the Content Editing tool. To edit annotations see Editing Annotations.


Editing Existing Content 

Below are the available editing tools used to modify existing content found within the document.

 Edit Text & Images: Edit text directly on the page with paragraphs and sentences automatically wrapping on the page as well as moving & rearranging images. (Default)

Edit Text: Modify or change individual text strings

Edit Images: Move or resize images contained within the PDF

Edit Paths: Edit, move & resize lines and shapes within the PDF

Edit Shades: Edit, move & resize shade and gradient objects within the PDF


Adding New Content

The following tools can be used to create new content on the document when needed.

Add Text: Creates new text on the page

Add Image: Import images as content to be added to the document

Add Shape: Add new shape content (circle, square, line, etc...) to the PDF


Other Content Tools

Additional content tools that can be used when editing or creating new content. 

Aligning Content: Align or evenly distribute selected content on the page

Changing Z Order of Content: Move a piece content either in front of or behind of another content item on the page.

Content ExplorerTree based hierarchical view of the content objects that make up the internal structure of the PDF.