Comments Preferences

The Comments Preferences section contains all of the comment, markup, and annotation settings for Xodo PDF Studio.

To open the Comments Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to File Tab > Preferences
    2. Select Comments from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


Default Tool Properties - Contains the default preferences for each of the individual annotation tools. To edit the default values for an annotation, click on the tool's name to open its properties dialog. Then set the values you wish to be the default and click OK to save the changes.


  • Allow drawing overlapping comments: Allows annotations to be drawn directly on top of another annotation.
  • Use Ctrl + Drag to copy selected annotations

Note: When "Allow drawing overlapping comments" is disabled, annotations can still be overlapped by first creating the annotation on a different part of the page then dragging it over the existing annotation.

Rubber Stamp

  • Display Stamp Previews: When enabled, a preview of the rubber stamps will be displayed in the menu. Otherwise, only the stamp's name will be displayed as text
  • Copy stamp name to note: Adds the name of the stamp to the note as a way to categorize annotations on export.

Text Markups

  • Copy text to note: when using text markup annotations the selected text will be copied into the annotation's note.


  • Enable text indicators & tooltips: When checked will display speech bubbles and tooltips on annotations that contain comments.

Comments Panel

  • Show comments pane on opening a PDF with comments: When checked will automatically open the Comments Panel when a document that contains annotations is opened.


  • System Setting: Sets Xodo PDF Studio to use the user name specified by the OS for comments
  • Custom: Allows you to specify a custom user name for comments