Build Table of Contents 

The Build Table of Contents tool allows you to create a table of contents in the PDF document using the existing bookmark structure.


How to Build a Table of Contents

  1. On the toolbar go to Pages Tab Table of Contents
  2. This will display the Build Table of Contents dialog
  3. Select an existing profile or the settings that you wish to use for the Table of Contents
  4. Once complete click the Create button


Build Table of Contents Options


Custom profiles can be created to fit specific needs and can be saved to be reused later without having to re-enter settings.


Title - Text to be used as the Title on the first page of the Table of Contents

Insert At - Location to insert the Table of Contents pages once created

Page Size

Same as Page - (only available when Adding a Blank Page) Allows you to match the new page settings to an existing page in the document

New Page Size - Allows you to select a page size from a list of predefined standard document sizes.

  • Portrait: sets the selected page orientation size to portrait
  • Landscape: sets the selected page size orientation to landscape

Note: Portrait and Landscape options are not available when selecting a "Custom" media size


Size - Displays what the size of the page will be once cropped

Units - Select the measurement unit for the crop margins in either Inches, Points, Centimeters, or Millimeters

Top - The distance of the margin from the top

Bottom - The distance of the margin from the bottom

Left - The distance of the margin from the left

Right - The distance of the margin from the right


Line Spacing - sets the distance between each line of the table of contents

Style - sets the style of the content items

Indent - determines how large the indent for each content level should be

Use page labels - When checked will use the page labels instead (if set in the document) of the page number