Anonymize Comments

Anonymize comments allows you to completely delete all personally identifying information from any comments or annotations within the PDF document. This is useful for example in academic peer reviews or scholarly articles, when authors wish for their comments or feedback to remain anonymous.

How to Anonymize Comments in a PDF

To anonymize comments or annotation information (see below list) you can do the following:

  1. On the toolbar go to Comments Tab >  Sanitize
  2. Select the comment properties you would like to remove or replace
  3. Select to anonymize all comments or only comments from a specific author
  4. Click apply to make the changes


The following settings are available when anonymizing comments in a PDF

Options - Set which data types are removed or replaced

Apply to - Choose to anonymize either all comments or a specified subset by author

Comment Types

The anonymize tool applies changes to the following comment types:

  • Text Annotations: text box, callout, typewriter, sticky note.
  • Shape Annotations: circle, square, highlight area, polyline, polygon, cloud, line, pencil.
  • Text Markups: highlight text, cross out text, underline text, squiggly underline text, replace text, insert text.
  • Rubber Stamps: text and image stamps
  • Measurement Annotations: distance, perimeter, area
  • Media: sound, attach file as comment