Annotating and Commenting PDFs

Annotations and comments allow you to markup parts of the PDF. While annotations and comments are contained within the PDF they are not a part of the PDF original content. This allows them to be moved, edited, or deleted more easily. This section covers the tasks associated with annotations and comments and also provides examples of each of the markups that can be used in Xodo PDF Studio.

Topics covered in this section:

Creating Annotations Editing Annotations Flattening Annotations Pasting a Clipboard Image
Setting Annotation Tool Properties Moving Annotations Align Annotations Copy and Paste Annotations
Set a Status or Check Mark Deleting Annotations Group Annotations  
Export Annotations Import Annotations Pasting Clipboard Text  


Available Annotation Types:

Below is a list of each of the annotation types and available annotations. You can comment or annotate a document with text, shapes, graphics, sound, and add hyperlinks.

Text Annotations

Markup Annotations

Shape Annotations

Drawing Annotations

Text Box Highlight Text Circle Pencil
Callout Cross out Text Square Marker
Typewriter Underline Text Highlight Area  Eraser
Sticky Note Squiggly Underline Text Polyline  
  Replace Text Polygon  
  Insert Text Cloud  

Rubber Stamp Annotations

Measurement Annotations

Media & Other Annotations

Rubber Stamp Distance Hyperlink  
Image Stamp Perimeter Sound  
  Area Attach File  
    Attach File as Comment