Add Shape Content

The Add Shape Content tool allows you to add / create new shape content in a PDF document. This can be useful when for example you need to new divider lines or markers to the page content. 


Starting the Add Shape Content tool

  1. Start the Add Shape tool by clicking the on the Document Tab of the toolbar 
  2. Select the shape you wish to draw
  3. Click and drag on the page to create the new shape at the size you need
  4. To finish press Esc or click elsewhere on the document


Once you have completed adding all the shape content you need to the page, use the Edit PDF Content tools to modify it further if needed. 

Available Content Shape Types

  • Circle - Creates a circle shape.
  • Square - Creates a square shape.
  • Polyline - Creates a polyline shape.
  • Polygon - Creates a polygon shape.
  • Cloud - Creates a cloud shape.
  • Line - Creates a line shape.
  • Arrow - Creates an arrow shape.
  • Pencil - Creates a pencil shape.


Shape Content Properties

To access the Shape Content properties right click (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on the toolbar button option and click Default Tool Properties. Each shape will have it's o


Line Width - Sets the width of the border line

Style - Sets the style for the border line (i.e. dotted, dashed, cloud, etc...)

Color - Sets the color of the border

Fill Color - Sets the fill color

Transparency - Sets the transparency of the shape


Sticky - When the tool is "sticky", the tool remains selected after a new content is added to the document until it is turned off. This allows you to create multiple content items without having to reselect the tool. Once active, press Esc or click the button on the toolbar again to deactivate the tool.

After Creation Show

Determines whether the properties dialog will be displayed after each new content item is added to the document.