1. Tap the overflow button in the Viewer on the top right, then tap on View Mode. If you are using the Compact UI, then you will need to first switch to the View Toolbar.  If you don't see the Action Bar, tap the center of your screen to bring it up.

2. Choose your preferred view mode:

  • Single Page: display one page
  • Double Page: display two pages side by side
  • Cover Page: display two pages side by side, with cover first
  • Reading: display document in a more flexible and easier to read view, especially on small devices
  • Vertical Scrolling: toggle this option to scroll vertically or horizontally
  • Night Mode: toggle this option on for comfortable reading in dark environments
  • Sepia Mode: toggle this option on for sepia color
  • Rotate Clockwise: rotate entire document clockwise
  • Crop pages: crop pages to aid your reading experience