In April 2015, Dropbox announced the discontinuation of the Sync API, which Xodo uses for Dropbox integration. Following the announcement, Xodo's Dropbox integration began to malfunction for some users. To continue to provide a reliable Dropbox experience, we've updated our Dropbox integration with the official chooser from Dropbox.

What you can expect:

Uploading changes are handled by Dropbox, instead of Xodo.
You need to have the Dropbox app installed on your device to access your Dropbox files from Xodo.
If the Dropbox service is down, Xodo's Dropbox integration will also not be available.

You can see and edit your Dropbox files in Xodo by opening them via Dropbox tap in Xodo or by opening them via Dropbox app.

Method 1: Open a file via Dropbox app

1. Open the Dropbox app. Tap on the button in front of the file you want to open.

2. Select Open with.. then select Xodo.

Method 2: Open a file via Dropbox tab in Xodo

1. Open the Dropbox tab.

2. Choose the file you want to edit. Once it's finished loading, it should open automatically in Xodo.