Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a way to get crash reports for apps in certain circumstances (see the end of this article for technical details). We have therefore added a way for our users to make Xodo produce a log, which can be sent to us in case the program crashes.

When you experience a crash in Xodo that we are not able to reproduce, it is hard to find the cause this crash. By turning on logging, you can help us get an idea of where the problem lies.

Note: Do not turn on logging unless asked by a Xodo developer for assistance. Logging will slow down Xodo and creates potentially large log files that will take up unnecessary space on your device.

1. To turn on logging, go to the file page, then select Settings in the left bar. Scroll to the bottom of the settings and click on the + button next to Developer Options, then turn on Enable Logging.

2. Xodo will now start logging. Open a file as normal and use Xodo to reproduce the crash.

3. To get a log from a crash, go to Xodo's temporary folder. It is generally located at:
C:\Users\[Your Username]\Local\Packages\5E8FC25E.XodoDocs_3v3sf0k6w2rec\TempState\
Inside this folder, find a Folder called Logs, and then find the log for the session you just ran. The logs are named based on the time there were created, so you should be able to find the one you're looking for.

4. Send us the log with information on the crash.

5. Once done, we recommend turning off logging before resuming. Otherwise it will make Xodo slower and create large files that take up space. You can also delete all the logs in the log folder at this point.

Technical details for the interested:
Large parts of Xodo are written in a language that can be used on many different platforms. That is why it behaves so similarly on Windows, Android and iOS. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to add support for getting crash reports for this language (C++). Other parts of Xodo are written in a different language (C#) which we can get proper crash reports for.

Due to variations in hardware, Operating System versions, and other factors, it is not possible for us to test Xodo on all types of configurations. Hence, you may experience a crash that we are simply unable to reproduce and have never seen. This is why we decided to add logging, as that will give us an idea of what made the app crash. Thank you for your help.