Using xodo, it is possible to remove unwanted white space from documents in order to use the screen space more efficiently.

You can let Xodo automatically detect and remove white space, or you can manually crop the pages. Note that these changes only affect the reading experience in Xodo. If you want to save the document with the crop, please see how to save a permanently cropped copy of a file.

1. Open the View mode menu.

2. Select Crop pages

Automatically crop pages

3. Select Automatically crop pages

4. Xodo automatically detects and removes all margins from every page of the document.  

Manually crop pages

3. Select Manually crop pages

4. Manually crop each page according to your preferences by holding and dragging the edges or corners of the light blue rectangle, or move the entire crop region by dragging the inseide of the rectangle. Note that you can use the crop you have selected on All pages. Or on even or odd pages, depending on if your current page is even or odd. This second option can be very useful for books.

5. When finished, select Apply crop

Removing all page cropping

3. Select Remove all page cropping

4. All cropping previously done in Xodo is undone, reverting the document to its original margins.