With Xodo, you can change colors for displaying the document to several different modes; night mode, which reverses black and white but tries to maintain colors; sepia mode, with a yellowish tint like old photographs; and custom mode, which lets you select two custom colors for foreground and background.

To see how you can change the color of the menus and buttons, please see how to change the app's theme.

1. Open the View Mode dialog.

The current color mode is circled by a blue border.

2. Day (or regular) mode doesn't change the display colors at all.

3. Night mode swaps black and white, and reverses the brightness of everything, while preserving colors.

4. Sepia mode gives the view a yellow tint, like old photographs.

5. Custom mode lets you select your own two colors, one for foreground (replaces black) and one for background (replaces white).

You can select from several preset custom colors.

Note that when you select a color, an edit button appears that will let you pick from even more colors.

Xodo will now display the document using the selected colors.

Note: Your annotations (highlights, pen ink, and more) will also change colors. So if you find your annotations changing to grayer colors when you finish drawing them, check to see if you have accidentally turned on a color mode other than day mode.