Since version 5.0.0, Xodo started offering Pro features subscription to improve even more the experience with documents. This will help us to keep improving Xodo and adding more Free and Pro features. 

Note: Subscribing to the Microsoft Store Xodo Pro will only unlock pro feature on Windows 10 app.
 If you are interested on Xodo Pro, please join our Beta group here for earlier access.
Some of the new features are:
  • Compare PDFs side by side

  • Unlimited Actions

  • PDF to Word Conversion

  • PDF to PDF/A Conversion

  • Viewer Redaction

  • Merge PDFs

  • Split PDF

  • Stamp PDF

  • Bates Numbering

Compare PDFs side by side

Now it is possible to compare 2 PDF documents side by side and sync scrolling, annotate and save results.


The new Actions section add a very simple way to execute tasks with one or more files at once.

These actions include document conversion, merging, splitting, cropping, adding or removing password, redaction (remove sensitive information) of text and images, and much more.

 PDF to Word Conversion 

Xodo now supports converting PDF files to Word documents as part of a broader support to Office documents conversion.

PDF to PDF/A Conversion

Now it is possible to convert PDF files to the PDF/A format with the following compliances: 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2u, 3a, 3b , and 3u

Viewer Redaction

A new tool now is available on the toolbar which adds the possibility of removing sensitive information by selected area or text on PDF documents.

Text Redaction

To increase productive when removing sensitive information from multiple documents at once, you can use the Text Redaction and add a list of words that need to be removed from PDF text.

Merge PDF

With Merge PDF you can merge multiples PDF documents into one in a single step.

Stamp to PDF

It is now possible to stamp images, text or even PDF pages to PDF documents.

Bates Numbering

It is now possible to stamp Bates numbering on PDFs, which is very useful in the legal, medical, and business fields.

More features

  • Image Redaction

  • Crop PDF Pages

  • Remove Password (Decrypt) from PDF

  • Remove all annotations from document

  • PDF to HTML conversion

  • HTML to PDF conversion

  • Delete PDF Pages

  • Extract Images from PDF

  • Extract Text from PDF 

  • PDF Linearization (for fast web viewing)