1. Tap one of the file browsing tabs: Local Documents or Dropbox.

2. Tap Edit.

To manage one file or folder at a time:

3. Tap the Settings icon for the file.

4. The Settings icon opens the file management options for the item. From here you can do the following:

  • Delete: delete the file permanently from your device or Dropbox.
  • Share: share the file via Xodo Connect.
  • Duplicate: create a copy of the file in the same location.
  • Open In: open the file in another app.
  • E-mail: e-mail the file to someone else.
  • Rename: change the name of the file.
  • Move to Folder: change the location of the file.

For folders, only the options to Delete, Rename, and Move to Folder are available.

For Dropbox files, only the options to Delete, E-mail, Rename, and Move to Folder are available.

To manage more than one item at a time:

3. Tap all the files and folders you want to manage.

4. Manage the files using the icons on the bottom of the screen. You can Move, Delete, or E-mail items here.