How does Xodo make money?

Xodo app development is supported through enterprise licensing, custom engineering, and by licensing underlying technology (distributed by PDFTron Systems Inc). The app is also supported though a vibrant user community (e.g. all translations are user contributed; Xodo development roadmap is user driven, etc).

Xodo does not sell any user information. In fact, unless you are using Xodo Connect for real-time collaboration, the app does not collect or store any personally identifiable information (such as emails, contacts, location, files, etc) in any form. The only information that is collected is information about program crashes and statistical information that may help us improve Xodo’s user experience for all users. For greater clarity and assurance (especially if you are using Xodo Connect), please refer to our official privacy policy.

The Xodo app is free for personal use and it will stay so. Currently there are also no limitations in terms of features, data use, etc. In the event we find violations to our basic terms of use (which was not a problem so far), we may restrict data use or some other aspect of the online service. We may charge for additional cloud services (e.g. extra online storage and options); but all current local features (annotation, editing, optimization, etc) of the app will stay free forever.

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