Introducing Xodo Viewer Pro

Since v7.0, Xodo offers a Viewer Pro subscription to unlock advanced features while keeping the fundamental features free. This will help us to keep improving the app and bringing you more future enhancements (both premium and free)!

Subscribing to Xodo Viewer Pro on Android will only unlock pro features on the Android app.

All free features prior to version 7 remains to be free!

The list of new features include:
- Favorites Toolbar
- Redaction Toolbar
- Theme Color Pack
- Smart Pen
- Export to Word
- Edit PDF Outline
- Advanced Annotation Filtering
- Default tool for Stylus

* Subscription packages are platform specific and Android subscription package will only work on Android platform.

Favorites Toolbar

It is now possible to build your own toolbar! Personalize Xodo by picking only the tools relevant to you to maximize your productivity.

Redaction Toolbar

It is now possible to remove sensitive content (redact) permanently from a PDF document.
If you want, you can also replace it with new text by selecting a text overlay.

Theme Color Pack

We are also introducing 6 new themes as part of the premium package in addition to the 2 free themes. Enjoy these handcraft selection of 6 themes.

Smart Pen

The new smart pen tool streamlines the note-taking experience, making note-taking workflows a breeze. You can now create text markups and ink annotations on documents seamlessly without switching tools.

Export to Word

It is now possible to convert your document to a MS WORD (.docx) file. Open a file -> click on the overflow menu -> select "Export" -> "DOCX".
Note, OCR not included, scanned documents will be converted to WORD file with images.

Advanced annotation filtering

It is now possible to filter which annotations to show in the document by its type, author, and color. This makes it easier for you to find relevant annotations quickly.

To filter annotations - Click on outline icon (rightmost) on bottom toolbar, then select the annotation tab (3rd) and finally click on the icon on top right to get to the filter screen.

Default tool mode when using stylus

It is now possible to change which tool is used as default tool when writing with stylus when the Stylus as Pen option is turned on.

And more...

Other premium features include:

Remember last page read of a document across devices

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