Annotation color picker

Here you'll find an overview of our latest annotation color picker.

There are three color pickers: standard color palette, custom color palette, and an HSV color picker board. You can switch between them by swiping left and right.


To enter color picker picker dialog, tapping on the border color/fill color/color/text color in annotation style picker dialog:

Standard color palette

Custom color palette

In custom color palette, there are favorite colors and recent colors. You can go to custom color palette by swipping to the first screen in the color picker dialog.

HSV color picker board

You can choose color by either draging the white circle in the HSV color board, or tapping on the HEX color value as shown in the red rectangle below. You can go to HSV color picker board by swipping to the last screen in the color picker dialog. 


If you want to convert color RGB value to hex value, you can convert it here:

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