Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating Keyboard Shortcut
Next document Ctrl+Tab
Previous document Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Change ink tab Ctrl+1..5
Scroll up Up arrow
Scroll down Down arrow
Scroll page up Page up
Scroll Page down Page down or Spacebar
First Page Home
Last Page End
Jump back Ctrl+“[” or Alt+Left arrow
Jump forward Ctrl+“]” or Alt+Right arrow
Zoom in/out Ctrl+(“-”/“+”) or Ctrl+Mouse wheel
Reset zoom Ctrl+0
Rotate view clockwise Ctrl+Shift+“+”
Rotate view counterclockwise Ctrl+Shift+“-”
Close the current menu/dialog Esc
Close the current tab Ctrl+W
Close the app Ctrl+Shift+W
Annotating Keyboard Shortcut
Highlight H
Underline U
Strikethrough or Crossing out K or X
Squiggly G
Textbox T
Comment or Note C or N
Rectangle R
Oval O
Freehand or Pen or Draw F or P or D
Eraser E
Line L
Arrow A
Signature S
Image I
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete selected annotation Del or Backspace
Start editing selected textbox or ink Enter
Stop editing textbox or ink Esc
Other Keyboard Shortcut
Find Ctrl+F
Next Search Enter
Previous Search Shift+Enter
Print Ctrl+P
Add bookmark Ctrl+D

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