How can we make Xodo even better?

Windows: Allow multiple instances of the app to be open...

... so we can, for instance, compare two pdfs side-by-side

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    BA shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Sharona commented  · 

        Very important if you are using more than one screen. I agree with an extension if this proves too complicated.

      • Richard commented  · 

        Alternative suggestion: If you have a hard time implementing this feature, please give us a web app/Edge extension that supports OneDrive/local file integration. Pretty please? Edge/Chrome browser allows us to open multiple windows, so technically, you don't need to implement anything on your store app

      • mike commented  · 

        super annoying you cant open 2 windows at the same time..., this is very basic though

      • caydenly commented  · 

        It's laughable that the application is so restrictive. I open my multiple windows in Adobe Reader since Xodo can't do it for me. I would really wish to use only Xodo though.

      • Ryan DeSalvo commented  · 

        Super annoying that this feature is not availible

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It's already there.... Please close it to allow another improvements get votes!

      • 42 commented  · 

        this feature is super important for studying!

      • MrIncredible commented  · 

        Ditto. I use this app in study preparation and often have one pdf constantly open while referring to others. Instead of having to use a totally different app I would prefer to use Xodo for both windows.

      • Jasper commented  · 

        I really miss this.
        Have to use Edge for 2nd, 3rd, ... open pdfs.
        Please add features like moving a tap out of the window and it creates a xodo instance, of course the other way around to add to a window.

      • Ryan Daughtry commented  · 

        why is this still not a thing? PLEASE add it!

      • Fabian H commented  · 

        Absolutely necessary! Had to download another PDF reader to read 2 PDFs side by side

      • Yk Luo commented  · 

        Yeah, we like to have this feature

      • Alexandre commented  · 

        Yes, this would be really helpful

      • fabian commented  · 

        Yes, this is crucial for people like me with dual monitors. I often have different pdf's open on each screen.

      • MM commented  · 

        I am using a Surface Pro and need to take notes from one PDF document onto another PDF form. Please allow two windows of Xodo to be open at the sme time. Another PDF reader with less features than Xodo is able to do this. Xodo is great but needs this one feature, the tabs are too much of a hassle.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I use this on Win10 desktop and Surface 3 tablet to do cross stitching. It would be great to be able to have two windows/pdfs open so I can reference the thread color key and the pattern at the same time. This works great by the way to do cross stitch. I can zoom in on the pattern and annotate the stitches that I have done.

      • nougat commented  · 

        Indeed, Xodo is really great with just this one big feature missing, which I need quite often.
        My alternative today for having two pdfs side-by-side is to open a second window with another pdf reader...

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