How can we make Xodo even better?

Windows: Allow multiple instances of the app to be open...

... so we can, for instance, compare two pdfs side-by-side

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    BABA shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ChrisChris commented  · 

        Has there been any progress on this?
        This would be nice.

      • AchmedAchmed commented  · 

        Samsung Tablet: I have a shortcut on a folder.
        If I open a PDF from the folder, XODO starts.
        Then I minimize XODO and click on the folder again...but: XODO appears (not the folders contents).
        It seems, XODO is now a synonym for this folder.
        I think, this problem is related to XODO as single instance ?!?

      • anonanon commented  · 

        Please implement floatable tabs. Similar to Adobe. I find myself having a PDF open with Xodo and another PDF open with another app.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Please add this functionality soon, would be extremely useful for uni notes!

      • Hessam ApplyHessam Apply commented  · 

        It could also be one instance of the app, but floatable tabs.

      • SharonaSharona commented  · 

        Very important if you are using more than one screen. I agree with an extension if this proves too complicated.

      • RichardRichard commented  · 

        Alternative suggestion: If you have a hard time implementing this feature, please give us a web app/Edge extension that supports OneDrive/local file integration. Pretty please? Edge/Chrome browser allows us to open multiple windows, so technically, you don't need to implement anything on your store app

      • mikemike commented  · 

        super annoying you cant open 2 windows at the same time..., this is very basic though

      • caydenlycaydenly commented  · 

        It's laughable that the application is so restrictive. I open my multiple windows in Adobe Reader since Xodo can't do it for me. I would really wish to use only Xodo though.

      • Ryan DeSalvoRyan DeSalvo commented  · 

        Super annoying that this feature is not availible

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It's already there.... Please close it to allow another improvements get votes!

      • 4242 commented  · 

        this feature is super important for studying!

      • MrIncredibleMrIncredible commented  · 

        Ditto. I use this app in study preparation and often have one pdf constantly open while referring to others. Instead of having to use a totally different app I would prefer to use Xodo for both windows.

      • JasperJasper commented  · 

        I really miss this.
        Have to use Edge for 2nd, 3rd, ... open pdfs.
        Please add features like moving a tap out of the window and it creates a xodo instance, of course the other way around to add to a window.

      • Ryan DaughtryRyan Daughtry commented  · 

        why is this still not a thing? PLEASE add it!

      • Fabian HFabian H commented  · 

        Absolutely necessary! Had to download another PDF reader to read 2 PDFs side by side

      • Yk LuoYk Luo commented  · 

        Yeah, we like to have this feature

      • AlexandreAlexandre commented  · 

        Yes, this would be really helpful

      • fabianfabian commented  · 

        Yes, this is crucial for people like me with dual monitors. I often have different pdf's open on each screen.

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