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Pressure sensitive inking

I do a lot of handwritten notes at the sides of pdf docs. It would be a more natural experience if psi was supported like in one note.

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    Ben shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • xav commented  · 

        Sure, need!

      • 곽승재 commented  · 

        100% agree. +1 as i use xodo mainly for notetaking, i think psi should be in darkness of color instead of width(or both). samsung notes has such features and the pen writing looks the best i think, but that app is bad for just about everything else. squid psi isnt satisfactory.
        +2 if xodo adds psi, users should be able to choose the minimum and maximum width!(like actual mechanical pencils would be on paper) this is main reason i dont often use squid eventhough im paying them

      • etoncidec commented  · 

        this app is near perfect!!
        adding pressure sensitive inking will make it the best free pdf annotator app in windows store

      • wqqw commented  · 

        Won't use this app until pressure sensitive inking is added.

      • Rafael commented  · 

        PLEEEEAAASE add the PSI feature. Please just do it!

      • Cristobal Lozano commented  · 

        Xodo is nearly perfect. The only missing feature to make it 100% perfect is PSI.

      • Joshua Watson commented  · 

        This is the future - you are losing potential users because of this missing feature.

      • Man Supre commented  · 

        please support this feature!

      • liu chunshuai commented  · 


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        PSI would make Xodo a perfect tool. I'm really missing it. In the meantime I have to use drawboard, but this is very buggy.

      • Jace Knox commented  · 

        Absolutely essential. I'll keep using Squid until you bring this on board and then I'm all yours, Xodo.

      • hanokk commented  · 

        I am absolutely agree with this idea!
        pressure sensitive inking with s-pen will be very wonderful!

      • Jason Chia commented  · 

        Yes definitely!!! Pressure sensitive inking for Windows 10 will definitely make it a superb pdf solution! It is great to see another capable pdf editor in windows 10, other than Drawboard PDF.
        Love Xodo.

      • Accacio commented  · 

        This is very important

      • Troy Rollo commented  · 

        Me too (out of votes). Pressure sensitive inking gives a result that just looks more natural, and is especially useful if you are hand-signing a document.

      • yasteora commented  · 

        the foxit PDF for android has that feature when i use the an active pen on my nivdia tablet.
        it works good. i also hope xodo add this feature!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would do just about anything for pressure sensitive inking capabilities... this is the only thing holding me back from jumping in 100% on XODO.

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