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Make insert a blank page more easily (very important for presentations!)

I am a university lecturer and I am currently using XODO on my Surface Pro 4 in my class. While I show my slides, sometimes I need a "scratch paper'' to explain some details to my students. What I do is to insert a blank page just after the slide page I am explaining, and then use it as my "scratch paper". I think this is better than writing on the blackboard, because I can send the students the slides with my explanations after class.

The major problem I found is that inserting a blank page just after a particular page in a document takes too many steps.

1. tap the "view mode" symbol
2. choose "thumbnails" from the dropdown menu
3. tap the "select" symbol on the upper right corner
4. choose the page after which I want to insert a blank page
4. tap the "+" circle on the lower right corner
5. choose "insert page"
6. tap "cancel" on the tool bar
7. tap the newly inserted page to go back where I was

This really takes too much time and while I am talking I can not 100% perfectly finish all the steps flawlessly.

I am wondering if you can implement an easier way, with much less steps. Is it possible to add a button on the "edit" tool bar? If yes, this would be the greatest at least for me since I am always in "edit" mode while I am teaching, just for faster changes of pen colors.


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    Note: Inserting page "before" a page is also important, I cannot add any blank page before the very first page in xodo.

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    I am new in xodo and found xodo is better in many aspects than dr*******. But I need feature to insert a new page quickly on the page where we want to insert to.

    My suggestion to developer:
    It is easier, elegant and quick to insert new blank page by:

    1) click "outline" at the top right

    2) click "Thumbnails" in the left box or this step can be spared if its default option "thumbnails"

    3) click at the number of page or the developer can add special option symbol on every pages appeared there (like "+" or "...") and very important that by clicking the number does not make the actual page displaying the page, whose number was clicked

    4) a tiny dialog box will appear and there the developer can add additional options like "add page", "delete page", etc.

    5) if "add page" is clicked, an additional dialog box will appear with the option to add page before or after page, orientation, page size, background colour, gridline styles (blank, block gridline style, notebook gridline style), etc.

    6) click OK

    At least it saves 1-2 steps and the most important is it is more accessible, elegant and faster than make the actual page vanished by clicking "view mode" -> "thumbnails".

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